Saturday, November 14, 2015

So what, I told a little lie

XTERRA World Championships Maui, Hawaii

Crossing the finish Worlds
It took me four hours. The same amount of time I lay supine on a cold surgical table in the bowels of a hospital in January with my guts open to the world. It took me four glorious hours to make my way through the XTERRA World Championship swim, bike and run course on November 1st (eight months post op).

Hold the phone, you read that right Jack! I got back to doing what I love and doing it pretty well in 285 days. I raced with every ounce of testicular fortitude my remaining ovary could muster. I knocked it out of the effin' park Mister!
I guess I told a lie. Believe me, I had every intention on making my tale of Endo a multi part saga. I'm pretty stoked to say that life, well, life got in the way. I made good on my promise to live each day to the fullest. Cliche, I know, but it's what you gotta do these days, you just never know.
Conquering fears . . . baby steps

I'm feeling more or less that what I experienced last winter was the Universe's way of letting me know that life is fragile. Although my bought with illness was fleeting on the grand scale, it was a pretty big blow to my sense of self.

So I will publish this entry with a renewed outlook. One that is painted with gratitude for those that supported me, hugged me, encouraged me and inspired ME to keep going. 

at the Blowhole
I won't go into full blown race report(s) mode, instead here's an abbreviated version of my 2015 season. 

SE Champs, earning my spot to Maui
Earning a second on the podium at Southeast Championships in Alabama in May (first race post op) secured me a guaranteed slot to the XTERRA World Championships in Maui. The decision was as simple as counting to three. I was out on racing Ironman Louisville - a race I signed up for after doing well at IMCHOO in 2014 - and in for XTERRA Worlds. Besides, playing in the surf in sand is far more enjoyable than slogging out six hour trainer rides. Blahhh!!! 
Palos Meltdown OA chickadee 

The next few months flew by. I collected a couple 2nd overall female, a 3rd overall female, and a 1st overall female on the local XTERRA circuit and even won my first MTB race. 

USNats, runnin' down a dream
XTERRA Nationals came and went and I pulled out a 5th AG finish. No small feat for a flat lander racing in the mountains in Utah. 

Maui was a dream. I knew the heat and the hills were going to be a tough adjustment. Race week was all about staying cool. I had three goals and one secret goal. First, I wanted to beat my swim times from 2012 and 2013. Did it! Second, I wanted to beat my bike split. Did it, and on a longer course. Third, I wanted to break four hours. Almost, I finished in 4:00 flat. Lastly, I'm not gonna mention my secret goal, that is one I'm still fighting for!! 

I'll let my pics speak for themselves. Describing the Maui course is nothing compared to surviving the Maui course. 

Until next time, I've got some livin' to do! See you in the dirt!


Exploring Maui post World Championships