Saturday, July 22, 2017

Holding Water

Writing has been looming large for me in my everyday happenings....not because I'm doing a great deal of it, writing that is, but rather because I haven't. Writing is like that old friend you haven't visited in a while. You say life gets in the way. You screen your old friend's calls, you text instead maintaining no intimacy whatsoever in your once healthy friendship. You're a schmuck. Yet, you think about writing almost daily and the ways in which it can heal, grow, challenge and cleanse the soul. You're not sure why you just don't pick up the phone and give Writing a call?

I'd like to offer this quote on my present state of mind and perhaps some commentary after.

"The harder we try to catch hold of the moment, to seize a pleasant sensation . . . the more elusive it becomes . . . It is like trying to clutch water in one's hands--the harder one grips, the faster it slips through one's fingers." Alan Watts 

I'm going to try to try less to grip the water. Feeling it pass through my fingers is enough. I'll allow it to collect in the basin below and visit it when needed but feel content in knowing that I've touched happiness.

The rush I get when I'm flying down a smooth piece of single track is physical. I can feel the heat in my muscles when I power up a climb and the tightness in my chest when I attempt a technical section for the first time. My body feels joy in those things. My mind feels joy when I write about those same experiences.

Today, I'm calling myself out.